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Discounts vs. Deals


A lot of business marketing experts recommend giving discounts.

The 10%-off to join a mailing list hell that leads to your identity being sold to the gay mafia.

Customers expect it. It's how we've been conditioned. I hate it. Would you ask your dentist for a discount? No? Why are you asking a maker for one?

Stop it.

As a small business owner, I hate the idea of discounts.

I do, however, like deals. Here's the difference:

Discount means discounting my work. Screw that - I work hard. Pay me.

A deal means we make a mutually agreeable transaction that works for us both. i.e. I have too much Christmas inventory and need to move it. I'll give you a deal so you can spread the love.

Or, if there's someone at a market really torn between two items (genuinely and actually -- no bullshitting me, I'll know) - I'll give 'em a deal, which makes everyone feel great.

Discounts make me feel like shit. Deals don't.

Similar to the differences between "cheap" and "inexpensive" and "affordable." They mean similar things but convey different ideas about value.

My customers root for me -- not giving discounts has actually become a part of marketing.


People love makers standing up for themselves.

Stand strong - stop discounting your hard work.

And if you're a customer - stop asking makers to discount themselves.