About Virgins On Fire Candle Co.

I launched Virgins On Fire in June of 2020 seeking creative and financial independence.

This company is about shedding the 9-5 cubicle life, the endless meetings, the sh*t pay, the total lack of creativity, and collective suffering from whoever the f*ck put salmon in the microwave.

We are “F*ck It, I’m Buying a Cabin.”

We are “This Candle was Handmade By a Gay Man, Not a Multinational Corporation with a Rainbow Logo 30 Days Out the Year.”

We are about queerness, and freedom of thought.

Eccentric people, unique places, and funny ideas.

We’re about liberation from the bullsh*t.

We're against hateful laws, and for burning bras.

Of running from the pure virgin life that others expect and igniting our own ways forward.

We are Virgins On Fire and I’m so incredibly excited to have you along for the ride.

- Jesse 

About Jesse

A Jersey boy with a city attitude, Jesse runs Virgins full time.

He has fulfilled many roles throughout his career.

Leveraging his degree in Political Science and Communications from The George Washington University, Jesse has acted as a fundraiser for one of the best art & design colleges in the country, administrator for the largest community-based food pantry in NYC, and community organizer on two winning presidential campaigns.

Jesse lives in Brooklyn, NY with his partner Ron and their rescue-dog son, Rockwell "Rocky" Rufferman.

His first book F*ck it, I'm Buying a Cabin, published by Row House/100 Block and distributed by Simon & Schuster, is now available wherever books are sold.

You can order it here: Order Now