Please Ignore Social Media Trends

As a small business owner, I'm wearing a lot of hats.

Sourcing, making, marketing, selling, hauling, packing, shipping, cleaning...the list goes on.

On top of it all, there's an expectation to consistently create social media content.

I love communicating with my customers, and I do it often on social media.

But 'marketing experts' say the trick to business growth is creating content designed to be trendy and go viral.

Can we not?

As much as I'd like to create a synchronized dance with my dog, I'm busy.

Let's try and support business owners who are busting their ass on the daily who might not have the energy to lip-synch for attention.

Instead, let's actively seek out new businesses and support them because they're badasses with a quality product.

You can still use social media to search. Try hashtags. Follow interesting accounts. Ask friends. Shop local.

Ignore view counts. Look past the fluff. Dig deeper.

That's a trend I can get behind.