About Me


Based in Brooklyn, NY, Virgins On Fire is a handmade candle company that harnesses unrealized creative potential and ignites it.
It's about taking control of your future both artistically and financially.
It's about blazing your own way forward.
The company is built on these pillars:
Social Responsibility
A gay-owned business, every effort is made to ensure my supplies are responsibly sourced from vendors who abide by progressive and inclusive values. These tenets include support for LGBTQ+, BIPOC peoples, and environmentally friendly practices.
My candles are 100% soy based and my fragrances are among the safest (if not the safest!) in the industry. They are 100% phthalate free, meet Canadian and European standards, are fully compliant with the International Fragrance Association, and contain no materials that would require Prop 65 labeling. 
Can you say the same for your current candle favorites?
Environmental Responsibility
I use American-grown, all natural, sustainable, clean burning soy, free of animal derived substances, ship in recyclable shipping packaging made from post-consumer waste, and use biodegradable, water soluble & compostable packing peanuts.
Production costs can add up, but people are more than a means of revenue extraction and a 6oz. candle should not cost $30.
You will not exhale heavily during checkout. You will treat yourself and make rent. Your wedding favors will inspire, not induce guilt. Your business, should you carry my candles, will make money, too. 
My hope is that you will return again and again.
Customer Service
This will be the most pleasurable candle buying experience of your life. Seriously. If you’re not totally over the moon, just reach out and I’ll personally make it better. My commitment to you.
- Jesse