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Dear Makers, It's Okay to Vacation

There seems to be a need for makers to justify taking a vacation.

I've seen a ton of social media posts from makers:

Refreshed, relaxed, & back to reality! 


After much-needed reflection and time away...

Makers, I deeply love my business. I'm happy you do too, but it's okay to disappear for a while.

You don't need to return from vacation having learned anything. It's okay to not feel refreshed or relaxed. It's okay if you didn't reflect. You don't need to be FIRED UP.

This is hustle culture toxicity. These posts are rooted in fear of making up for time away. 

There's no need to explain your vacation or use it to improve your business.

Take all the time away you need and do whatever you want with it.

Your customers will be here when you're ready to return. They love you and your product - that's why they're here.